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Troubled Marriage?

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Divorce is NOT The Unforgivable Sin by David M Harris

Insight Edition Book: US $9.95; UK Pounds sterling5.95; Cdn $14.95

Counsellor Edition Book (when available): US $13.95; UK Pounds sterling8.95; Cdn $19.95

There is far too much condemnation in this area, including, would you believe, from Christian Leaders. What is the solution?

The solution is to recognise that even though no compromise with sin should ever be made, when repentance happens it should be followed by forgiveness, instead of condemnation.

The book by David Harris, “Divorce is NOT the Unforgivable Sin” explains that no matter the situation, there is life after divorce, and God does accept all those who go through divorce. The criterion for working in God's service is not whether you have been divorced or not, but whether you are willing to follow God's leading. Are you willing to be made Holy? Are you willing to be humble and reject self-righteousness? These are the important factors.

This book gives hope to all whose life is distressed due to marital problems and failure. It also gives help and direction to those who have friends or family going through these difficult times, or those who counsel folk in troubled or failed marriage.

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